About Attorney and Founder, Alie Napier-Stout


Legal Research Companion was founded by Alie Napier-Stout.  Alie is an attorney licensed in both, Tennessee and Kentucky, and admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Tennessee.  She has more than six years of experience in private practice at a small firm that included criminal, civil, juvenile, probate and estate, and federal administratave law. She also has experinece in concentrated healthcare compliance, in-house counsel, and document review work.  Throughout her career, Alie has excelled at drafting and research, and has developed a passion for discovering and developing legal theories then writing about them.

After two children and a move from Tennessee back to her home state of Kentucky, Alie has recognized the importance of time.  As a practicing attorney, she quickly learned the challenges in juggling time for court, client consultations, researching and drafting.  Even more difficult was incorporating plenty of time for family and friends.  Helping deserving attorneys find that work life balance and time away from the office has become a new passion of hers.

Combining those passions, Alie created the Legal Research Companion.  Through LRC, Alie can provide you or your firm with all the research, drafting and legal support services you need.  In turn, you will have that free time you so desperately need and deserve.  Legal Research Companion provides legal research; draft pleadings, briefs, and/or motions; and/or any other legal support services needed that you just cannot find the time to do.

Need more information about our Attorney and Founder?  Review her resume here. Need references? Checkout client testimonials here. Interested?  Contact us here.


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